Zanzibar Beach

Zanzibar Island is a Tanzanian archipelago located off the East African coast. It is popularly known as the Spice Island. Zanzibar beach tour and beach holidays in Tanzania offers the most exciting sea, sun and sand vacation in Africa. Here, you will get to learn more about this popular beach destination.

Zanzibar Beach Tour

At Zanzibar you will find some of the world’s finest sandy beaches with completely turquoise blue water and swaying palms. There are many possibilities for different activities such as to visit the many bounty and cozy villages, experience huge land turtles and snorkel or dive in the Indian Ocean.
Zanzibar is a great choice for those seeking an exotic beach holiday in beautiful surroundings, as the island is surrounded by many beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise blue water and swaying palms. During your Zanzibar beach trip, you can visit 2 different beach areas and stay 3 nights in the colonial town of Stone Town. Here you will find an exciting culture and many colonial buildings and many exciting eateries.
Along the way there is ample opportunity for activities such as to visit the many bounty and cozy villages, experience huge tortoises and snorkeling and diving among impressive coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.

The Spice Island of Zanzibar
Zanzibar Island, locally known as Unguja is part of the Zanzibar archipelago of islands including Pemba Islands and several islets. Zanzibar is located in Tanzania and situated in the Indian Ocean some 25 miles from Tanzanian coast, overnight 565 square miles.
Zanzibar is famous for being a major producer of cloves, and infamous as being a slave entry-port, the old Stone Town of Zanzibar has a fascinating labyrinth of narrow winding streets lined with whitewashed, coral-rag houses with overhanging balconies and magnificently carved brass studded doors, shops, bazaars, mosques, courtyards, squares etc. Outside town there are more ruined palaces, Shirazi remains, Persian baths, and magnificent palm fringed beaches with warm clear water, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
This sunny Island has endless sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs and also clear blue waters, the allure of Zanzibar. Thus, Zanzibar beach holiday tours in Tanzania offers the finest snorkeling and diving sites to include remarkable deep sea fishing and immense water sports activities.
If you are looking for a more relaxed pace, you can wander in the narrow but winding streets of the historic Stone Town. The Stone Town is live with markets , colorful bazaars, and cultural activities like the remnants of the world’s largest slavery trade. Zanzibar is widely known as the ‘Spice island’. It is famous for a variety of spices some of which are cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, cardamom, and others. The Spice excursion is quite popular and recommended while on Zanzibar beach holidays in Tanzania.
Zanzibar is has the majority of resident as Muslim and you are advised to observe long dresses as the most recommended. Avoid showy clothes that exposes your body, unless specifically at the sandy beaches.
While in Zanzibar, there exists variety of accommodation options in Stone Town, beaches and the islets. We are available to assist in booking your Zanzibar trip either to the Stone Town or beaches of the East Coast or North Coast of Zanzibar ranging from budget bungalows, standard beach resorts and luxury beach villas and hotels.
You can combine a Zanzibar beach tour holiday with a 5-day Tanzania safari to experience a wonderful wildlife tour to the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti. A visit to Zanzibar beaches can be combined with one of our best Kenya safari tours to allow one experience sun, sea and sand in a quiet and relaxed environment.

Best season to travel to Zanzibar
The weather in Zanzibar is best from January to March, where February is the hottest month of the year being the best time to go on a Zanzibar beach tour. Again from July to October, temperatures can reach about 30 degrees. Zanzibar’s rainy season usually starts at the end of March until the beginning of June and also has a short rainy season in November and December.
Also, be aware if there is Ramadan during your trip. In Zanzibar, 98% of the population is Muslims and, as a tourist, it is good to wear clothes under the Ramadan, covering shoulders and knees and not eating and drinking on the open street during the day. Most local shops and cafes are closed during the daytime while major tourist hotels and remote cafes are open to tourists. In return, the island returns every evening after sunset, where the local eateries open. The ultimate experience is Ramadan’s last party days, called Eid al-Fitr, filled with joy, entertainment and delicious food.

Zanzibar Stone Town Tour
While in Zanzibar, take a Zanzibar beach tour excursion where you will be accompanied by a local guide for a visit to the historic towns of Stone Town. Here you will still find the old colonial buildings, cobbled streets and historic trading venues that throughout the history were known for spice trade and slave trade. Trade in slaves was set in the period 1872-73, until Zanzibar, when slavery was at its highest expulsion against 50-60,000 slaves annually from Africa. This meant that Stone Town’s date was a rich city, but also a city that featured many tragic family stories.
Stone Town is a really exciting visit, as the city combines colonial history with an exciting African and Arabic flavor. After an eventful trip you will return to your hotel. The rest of the day can enjoy the hotel’s facilities or explore the city on its own. Every evening, the locals open their stalls at Forodhani. Here you can experience an exciting Street Food evening market and taste a lot of Zanzibar specialties, which is a great experience. In addition to Forodhan Street Food, there are many exciting restaurants in Stone Town.

Half-day trip to Prison Island of Zanzibar
This morning you will be on a 20-minute boat trip with Dhow, one of Zanzibar’s local boats to Changuu Island and as in daily talk called Prison Island. The island was used by a group of slave traders who used the island of rebel slaves. Prison Island became the nickname after an English General 1883 would build a prison on the island, which was never taken into service.
You can still see some of the ancient ruins from that time prison. The island’s main attraction is its giant turtles, which originate from Seychelles. These great giant land turtles can come close to you, and several of them weigh up between 100-200 kg. From the island you can also enjoy more of the island’s bounty-like white sandy beaches before sailing back to Zanzibar’s capital.

Jozani Forest of Zanzibar, Tanzania
On this Zanzibar beach tour, you will be taken and driven to Jozani Forest, the only real jungle found on Zanzibar today, and is also the only national park in the island. Here are many different species of animals, which include the rare red colobus monkey. After an amazing visit to the national park, continue on to the beaches at either Paje or Jambiani for the rest of the day at your disposal.